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Customising the Gelato & Sorbet Since 2010

Stellamarina Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based gelato manufacturer, operates a production plant that is ISO22000 and halal certified. Our gelato and sorbet are created with an authentic Italian recipe and a perfect balance of natural ingredients sourced from around the world, ensuring that every bite is delicious and memorable.

We strive to provide a unique gelato experience by blending traditional Italian techniques with an Asian flavor twist. Our goal is to create a customized gelato experience for each customer we serve.

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100% Natural


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The Founder

Dylan Ooi, an R&D engineer developing iPhone lenses stationed in Zurich, Switzerland, discovered the deliciousness of Italian gelato while on vacation in 2007 at Como Lake in Northern Italy.

The flavours, texture, and health benefits of the gelato inspired Dylan, a homesick boy far from his family and hometown in Penang, Malaysia, to create gelato with representative flavours of each Asian country.

After years of extensive research and financial investment to perfect the balance of gelato for each flavour, Dylan introduced his products to the Singaporean market in 2010, gaining recognition for its quality and innovation and expanding throughout Asia.

Today, Dylan is a multiple award-winning gelato master, a brand ambassador for a century-old Italian company that produces gelato-making ingredients, and a gelato consultant chef for various entities in Asia.

Dylan remains committed to using premium, natural, and authentic ingredients to provide the best possible experience for consumers.

About Us

Dylan Ooi